Architecture is a field that is often ignored because the general public thinks it is not important as they do not know the importance of designing. Architects design buildings by not just according to their choices but they have to consider so many things such as the geography of the location, what kind of a building it is, whether it is located in a place where earthquakes are common, the expenses, material to be used for the building, whether it is east open or west open or how many floors are going to be there and so much more. Also, they have to consider the requirements of the clients. Simply, it is not as easy as it looks. There are so many things to study about the location before designing the building.

Good architecture enhances our daily lives in so many ways. It enhances space and makes maximum use of the ground.

One of the most important things about architecture is to keep safety in mind of the clients or for whatever purpose space will be utilized. People’s safety is the priority of the architect because that is the main difference between hiring an architect to design a building or simply handing over everything to labor who does not know anything about the geography of the location. Architects make sure the building’s flow makes sense. Buildings should be easy to move in. A building which has no parking lot can be a disaster in some areas of the town. An architect is someone who will consider all these things before designing a building.

If a hospital is being made and the emergency wing is situated in a faraway in the hospital and a patient has to go to a longer distance then the architecture of that hospital is not good. The emergency wing should be made nearby to the main gate of the hospital so that a patient can easily access it.

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