There are a lot of people who will try to get their hands on the art Dubai because it will have a therapeutic nature and with the increased social pressure people are not getting more depressed but when they start doing painting and art then they will release the depression and get relaxed through the process. To get to know about how to start and what to have before starting art you have to read more here:

Main thing is that you have to start with collecting all the items of your art work. There are a few items that you have to take as a beginner and these include getting some canvases of different sizes, paints of different colors and sizes of different brushes. You can have the basic colors in the start and make different colors from their mixing and also you have to get the stand on which you will put the canvas for painting. You also need to get the primer to have a base on your canvas before you start painting s it will make your colors more vibrant when you apply on the canvas.

After that you have to clean the area where you are going to start painting. You need to clean the area below your canvas stand and also you have to place some mat or papers beneath that so that your floor will be saved from the paint splashes because replacing the papers or cleaning the mats are easier than cleaning the floor form the paint splashes. Once you get a place for your painting then it will create an entire atmosphere for you so you will start working there with full concentration.

When you are going to start painting then it is better that you go with the smaller canvases at the start and then you also need to have the basic colors too. You need to get a few simple paintings from the internet and then try to copy them because it will be easy for you to start your painting and then with time you will have the practice to paint your own ideas on the canvas. There will be a lot of different people who will start painting as a complete beginner but then they will get master in that because no one born an expert artist.