Knowing about the root cause of every problem is the first step towards getting healed from that problem. Same is the case with anxiety and depression. A person going through these problems should go to the anxiety therapist Dubai to receive the right treatment. If these conditions persist then the person will get more mental disorders and then it will be difficult to get back to the normal life. They can also go for the depression counseling Dubai to get the ongoing help from professionals. Here are a few causes of anxiety and depression:

Abuse is the biggest problem behind these mental conditions. Abuse can be of any type like it can be physical abuse by someone to hurt your body or it can be emotional to hurt your feelings. Most of the times a loved one is involved in abusing the person but they did not realize it until it’s too late to help. Not telling anyone or not going to get help is the biggest cause of getting in to depression because in this way the victim will try to bear all the pain and then their limit of bearing will get reaches and they will go in to depression.

There are some kinds of medicines that will also trigger anxiety in the person who is using them. Anti-bacterial or acne removal medicines are the most common ones that are being used and they are often the reason behind the bad mental health condition. But these will effect to those who are taking these medicines for long times without the supervision of any specialist but if they stop using them then they will get back to normal after some time.

Every day there is a loss of a loved one and people have to bear it. Some will get along with this loss but some people who are emotionally weak will not bear that loss and then they will go in to depression by keep thinking about the loss. They often get the hallucinations of that person and sometimes they go too far in this and they start talking to them and they start living in their own imaginative world. When you see someone going through a hard time after losing someone special then you should not leave them alone and try to take them back to life.