A sexologist is specialist that deals with human sexuality. They study the behavior, feelings, and interaction of individuals during intercourse and guide them towards the issue they are experiencing. Sexologist in Dubai is a health professional who counsels the couples. They can be qualified doctors, psychologists, and social workers who have special training.

Sex is strongly related to physical, emotional, and psychological health. For many of the couples this the most exciting part of the relationship which keeps them happy and their relationship healthy. But unfortunately, some does not find it exciting and leads to bad relationship.

Role and importance of sexologist:

The main role of the sociologist is to help couples, by solving the issues they are having in their sex life. As he has a wide knowledge of human behavior or on the issues of sex, he has the ability to resolve those issues. Sex life is mandatory to be a happy couple and if it does not go well, there are chances of its failure. Here, the importance of sexologists can be concluded.

When to visit a sexologist:

There are some physiological issues that can be solved and treated by medical treatment but some psychological issues may demand counseling they are as follow:

  • Penis Size
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • During or After Intercourse, ache, and irritation
  • Loss of interest in sex,
  • An abusive experience of fear and inhibitions

Procedures followed by Sexologists in UAE:

The process starts with the interview in which they asked for all the medical history of patients and their social information. After that, the patients advised having physical examination for which they have to go through different tests then after their physical test reports they take further steps in treatment.

Patients who are having some psychology issues have to attend therapy sections. For the convenience of patients, the sessions are arranged in the evening or at weekends. So they can have longer hours and their issues can resolve in a short period of time.

Patients who have visited the reputed and best sexologist of Dubai have a positive outcome and now are enjoying their sex life fully.

Online appointments of a Sexologist:

For the ease of customers, the customer can also book the online consultation of a sexologist. Therapy sessions can also be taken online this will save the energy and time of the patient. For more info here visit the online webpages of leading sexologists