It takes an egg and a sperm to form a zygote – as simple as that, yet it is equally difficult and complicated for some couples to conceive despite having hundreds of sperms ejaculated at once. Unfortunately, this is something which not every couple is able to produce. But don’t worry as there are several male infertility treatments which can easily get you through it all. But before that here are some facts to keep an eye out on:

  • Semen analysis are not always accurate

One of the first steps to determine the problem with infertility would be the semen analysis that you have to go through. This simply means you will submit a sample of semen and it will be tested in several different ways:

  • Amount of ejaculation in one go,
  • Number of sperms found in each milliliter
  • Moving and nonmoving sperms
  • Shape of sperms and total motile count.

As useful as it sounds, it isn’t always accurate because some men with low motile count are stable able to father a child, so don’t stress a lot about it.

  • Special condom

Most of the times men don’t want to ejaculate in a cup due to their personal and religious prohibitions but this shouldn’t be a problem. Discuss this with your doctor and you can use a special type of condom during sex which will collect your ejaculations and keep you away from contamination or jellies. Make sure it is a specifically designed condom and not the regular one for accurate results.

  • Try to hold onto sex until a semen sample

This is something which messes a lot of semen samples that can produce wrong results. Even though sperms are produced on daily basis, yet the count keeps decreasing with every ejaculation which means that if you have sex before that, it may show as a low count even though you are producing the right amount. So, a few days before the test sample, make sure you are saving the good one.

Don’t worry if you can’t get through as there are so many different options which will help you with fertility. You can always try IVF pregnancy and so many other ones. Just don’t lose hope as it may be difficult, but the result would be worth it.