If you are looking for landing a job in a different country instantly then we suggest that you learn more than one language. You must be wondering that why learning a new language is related to getting a good job or how are they even related?

Well, we would like to tell you this with an example. Let us say that you are going to Russia to find work and we all know that they speak English there but you might be asked many times that do you know how to speak Russian?

And if you don’t and may be you are qualified for the job, they will still hire that person who has good speaking skills in more than one language or at least he or she speaks somewhat good Russian.

Being a bilingual, trilingual or a multilingual person is a blessing and if nothing good happens with you, you will be amazed to know that many people will be getting impressed with you and they will want to hang out with you more.

Many people get benefit from being a bilingual, trilingual or a multilingual and moreover they can become an English voice over artist or any language voice over artist for that matter and some have even opened good audio recording studio in Dubai as well.

If you want to become one these people then it is best that you master your own language first and for that you need to read our amazing facts on English language, so, keep reading to know more;

Thanks to Shakespeare: If it was not for this guy, the English language would not be so much popular because he added at least one thousand English words that are used in the todays language.

English is composed of more or more languages: yes, it is the truth the English is not a one language itself, it is a language that is made up of French and different old languages that are said to be dead now.

USA has no language of its own: every country has its own national language but being one of the most powerful countries in the world, they still don’t have a national language.

Thanks to the British and the iPhone as well: if it was not for the British language and the iPhone, the English language could have much spread.