Whoever visits Dubai for the first time is struck by its towering skyscrapers. Sometimes it is the other way around; people are struck by the tales of these giant buildings visit Dubai to take a look at them. These buildings are a mark of progress and wealth of this Middle Eastern city. Not many people could comprehend that UAE once a desert and wasteland will become one of the busiest cities in the world.

Why is infrastructure critical?

Infrastructure is the lifeline of any city in this day and age. The more trade route you have, the better economic growth will ensue. If a city has subpar roads, terminals, and junctions, it can never become a thriving economy. In the case of UAE, it won the nature’s lottery after the discovery of liquid gold or oil reserves. However, the country did not waste time and take hold of its natural resources with full force.

There are many countries in the world today, who are naturally gifted but have wasted their resources due to inefficient management and corrupt governments. Just like blood cannot supply energy and oxygen to every cell of the body without vein and arteries, an economy cannot function without sufficient infrastructure.

The Benefits of infrastructure:

The massively positive implications of infrastructure are already established. It is safe to say that the benefits do not stop there only. Here are some survey points of the benefits of an infrastructure:

  • For the creation of new job opportunities for the masses.
  • For establishment of steel fabrication companies in Dubai.
  • For decreasing imports and increasing exports.
  • For the formation of new building techniques like waterjet metal cutting.
  • For the growth of GDP (Gross Domestic Products) and GDI (Gross Domestic Income).
  • For the development of global expertise and recognition.
  • For self-sufficiency and political independence.
  • For better lifestyles and better life opportunities for the masses.


This is the age of metal. The world cannot ignore a country with sky-high towers and international level trade routine. People are living in a concrete jungle, and this is not possible without metal fabrication plants. Dubai is one of the leading economies of the world. To stay connected and relevant in the world economic scenario, UAE is investing a lot of banks in building up its infrastructure.

For any economy, infrastructure is an essential part of the progress. Many countries with excellent natural resources are unable to develop their economies due to a lack of proper infrastructure.