A wedding is an event where you and your partner celebrate your love together. So it is an obvious thing that you would expect everything perfect on your wedding day. Therefore, most people trust wedding organisers in Dubai, as they make your wedding day special and memorable for the whole life. Wedding organizers are professional and expert in managing wedding events perfectly. However, we have compiled a list of some essential questions that you should ask a web planner before hiring them.

Are they available on your wedding date?

 The easy availability of a wedding planner on your event date is crucial for you. So, it is important to question to ask the wedding planner if they are available on the wedding date. Their presence at the event keeps you away from sudden collapse because they have a good eye to take care of little things that we overlook sometimes.

Can they work within your budget?

The most important thing that everyone should ask the event planner is, are they able to provide you expected results within your budget? In case if you are not able to afford a wedding planner for their full-time services, ask them if they agree to give you a part-time job.

What type of services they offer?

Mostly, wedding planners have specialization in particular areas. So it is a good idea to ask them about the services they offer to clients. This information will help you with identifying your needs and make it easier to choose the right wedding planner.

How many meetings require for final preparation?

It is the first question that you should ask for a wedding planner in the first meeting. A wedding is an event that takes too much time from choosing the venue, caterer, and menu for the meal. You have to get involved with the wedding planner for evaluating the better result. Therefore, ask them how many meetings they require for final preparation.

How many people will be on your staff on the wedding day?

It is good to know and event stylists’ work with the wedding planner on the day of the event. It assures you that event will handle efficiently.

How many weddings they have planned?

Experience matters in every business, so look for a wedding organizer in Dubai that has arranged or organized plenty of wedding events.