Energy makes the world go around and energy is what everyone is after. These are the issues of the world that will never get solved and as for energy, humans need too much energy. As our new gen is, they are super lazy and they need loads of energy and no matter how much anyone motivates them, they need something instant to get them going. People look up for condensed milk price in Dubai, since some people say that it gets them going. But the most promising are energy drinks and small beverage companies are opting to become the best energy drink supplier in UAE. Here, you will be reading about some facts about monster energy drinks but lets’ get to the basic ones. This energy drink was introduced in 2002 and it was made by Hansen Natural Company.

  1. It makes more than 34 different flavors: everyone loves options and this is the type of energy drink that you can never get bored of. Because as soon as you try the first and reach the 34th, and again taste the first flavor, you taste buds will not remember the taste of the first one, which will never get boring but you will be developing a favorite flavor.
  2. No knows the exact flavors: this is another taste fun fact because obviously the company knows the flavors it has added but it has not disclosed all the flavors in the ingredients chart, the company has left some suspense for the local public to figure it out.
  3. Monster sponsors esports, extreme sports and musical arts: just like red bull, they work almost in the same way but they also sponsor different music arts as well and surprisingly, they also sponsor video game international tournaments. And it is the favorite drink of Lil Xan.
  4. The second-best selling energy drink: who do you think is the first one? It is red bull. Monster is trying to cross red bull and as of 2015, they have 35% shares in the world of energy drinks.
  5. It can be mixed in alcohol: even though it is extremely dangerous and some even have ended up in ER but still people commonly mix it in alcohol.
  6. It is also labelled as supplementary drink: since it has more than allowed caffeine, the company had to label their cans as with supplementary drink.